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Available Dogs

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" Rex "


Yes, you read that correctly... Saluki mix! Rex is an approximately one year old male mixed breed and he has quite a story to tell. Rex was rescued from a construction site in the country of Qatar along with another dog (see Maya on our Happy Endings page). His rescuer states that all mixes in Qatar have some Saluki in them, although without DNA testing Rex's mix will remain a mystery. He is currently 38 pounds. It is unclear what actually happened, but Rex suffered a very severe leg injury which resulted in amputation surgery. Make no mistakes though, this boy is pure gold and never skipped a beat! Rex is great with dogs, cats and children and is just the most loving dog one could ever want. Three legs do not stop this boy!  He even has his own Facebook page!! 

If you are interested in adopting, please submit an application which can be found here.

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