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Available Dogs

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" Emmy "


Emmy is a sweet Coonhound mix rescued from a high kill shelter in the south. Her age is estimated to be around 4 years. The very best thing we have discovered about her is that she is absolutely wonderful with other dogs.  She seems to have a sense of what they need from her and draws shy dogs out of their shells and plays with the more outgoing dogs at a level that does not get anyone too worked up.  Emmy would be wonderful at doggy daycare!  She still gets a bit excited with smaller breeds but just loves medium and larger dogs.  She is about 50 lbs and would be a great addition to a home with another dog or two. Emmy loves to walk and as long as she has some exercise, leash walks or playtime with another canine buddy, she is quite content. She is a shy girl with people at first, but warms up to new people. She would do best in a home with a fenced in yard and no cats.  Emmy is very sweet but was probably used as a hunting dog and will probably never be good with cats. Otherwise, she has that very sweet affectionate hound demeanor.

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