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Our Story

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“Adoption, without advocacy, is never enough”

Kindred Spirits was incorporated in 2007 as a Greyhound adoption and advocacy group. Since then, hundreds of Greyhounds have found forever homes through our efforts and left the sport of racing behind. As time passed and Greyhound tracks in the northern United States have ceased to operate, the number of Greyhounds available and able to be transported to New York has diminished. Feeling the desire to do more for dogs in need, Kindred Spirits branched out its operations to help any dog it could. Although our hearts will always be with the Greyhound, in a short time we have been able to assist in the rescue of many dogs in dire situations. A life is a life, and to do nothing is just not how we operate.


Although we specialize in Greyhounds, we have branched out to help any dog in need that we can.


Candi Slocum
Co-Executive Director/President


Kim Bywater
Secretary of the Board

Cindy Siddon
Co-Executive Director

Evelyn Lester

Board Member

Take a close look at our logo. The petroglyph “Pueblo Pair” is a sign of family, harmony, strength and happiness. It represents power and growth among a tribe or clan. The addition of a greyhound and heart in our logo symbolizes unconditional love.

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